September 5, 2010

all about yellow.

before the rains, in those very hot days of late june, i went over to my friend shazieh's to photograph her sunfowers. she had planted a hedge of them to give her lawn privacy. each flower was enormous, and all of them were in different stages of blossoming. wonderful. i spent a good hour around 5.30... i should have waited for the sun to go down a little more but had to go elsewhere. but i'm happy with what i got. each flower had it's own personality, each seemed to be saying something.

i'd like to make one or two of these into etchings at some point...just focusing on the centre of each flower, which are so like the sun's corona. to add to my nature photo-etchings.

or perhaps make a book featuring the centres of each flower. after learning about the fibonacci sequence, i have found the seed patterns, which are also found in daisies and other flowers, fascinating.

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