September 24, 2012

links to two of my poems

i am posting links to two of my poems. from 'swat' is an excerpt from the latter, which is a long poem divided into five sections, four of which were published in the journal of commonwealth writing's special issue: beyond geography: literature, politics and violence in pakistan. 

here is the excerpt: from 'swat'

the second poem is from an online journal, mahmag magazine of arts and humanities. it's not a new poem, having been written in 2001, but it was never published. i am beginning to realise that i have written some poems which are a direct response to political events after all! 

here is the poem: 9/11

this issue of mah mag is edited by shadab hashmi, who wrote the celebrated collection of poems the baker of tarifa, which won the 2011 san diego book award for poetry.

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