January 5, 2011

experiments: lightboxes and vegetable papyrus

my new lamp idea is a variation on the lightbox, a form that i've used for several years to make art lamps. the lightbox is ideal for photo transfer techniques on glass using lazertran papers, (see pictures below) or for displaying photographs printed on silk or cotton and then inserted between two sheets of glass. my most recent addition is vegetable papyrus. this is paper made from thinly sliced vegetables, which are boiled and pressed over several days or weeks depending on the vegggie used. the easiest to process are zucchini and cucumber. the link below is the method i've found most useful. photographs of the new lightboxes will come later, once they are complete. what i like about this new technique is that it uses natural materials which give the effect of stained glass when backlit.


below are the first successful papers: carrots and cucumber papyrus

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