January 10, 2011

links to my favourite book making sites

here are links to my favourite book making sites. you will also find videos on you tube. if you are a net junkie as i am, you can find unusual - and informative - 'stuff'

...an e journal of book making: http://www.philobiblon.com/bonefolder/vol1no2contents.htm

philobiblon is a comprehensive site covering all aspects of book making, including techniques, the bonefolder magazine, and a gallery featuring various artists. this link takes you to the tutorials section. surf the rest of the site to find more: http://www.philobiblon.com/tutorials.shtml

some very clear tutorials: http://www.tjbookarts.com/otherlinks.htm

and angela lorenz's site on book making: http://www.angelalorenzartistsbooks.com/firstpage.htm

tara books: a press that publishes art books. watch the you tube video to view the silkscreen process as well as binding: http://www.tarabooks.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om6i3enGZ8c

what also interests me about tara books, besides the actual process, is the fact that it appears to be a small co operative, but it's publishing foreign as well as local publications.

lastly, take a look at the perspex books on studio west end. since i used to be an avid engraver on glass, this process fascinates me. i woud love to learn how to assemble perspex books: http://studiowestend.com/?page_id=2

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