July 3, 2012

choosing blocks

here are pictures from a rather hot but pleasurable morning, spent choosing antique blocks to be added to my 'library.' i was lucky to have my daughter mehrunnisa with me, to take pictures. 

about blocks: they are carved out of shisham, or rosewood, and range from filgree borders to heavier motifs, both of which are featured in the photographs. traditionally they were used for multiple purposes, from making block printed sheets, table coverings, chaddar, dupatta and suiting materials, to marking out designs for hand embroiderers.

assessing designs, difficult when you
 are faced with a huge box of them!
a filigree block. i enjoy working with blocks that
have an irregular edge, such as this one
my daughter mehrunnisa,
reflected in the mirror in the stairway
shortlisting the blocks
looking at the possibilities for
combining different designs
my final choice
with ghafur khudaybirdigh and nadia in the office at pak turk enterprises
blocks as stored at the block printer's
some of my blocks,
stored rather differently in my studio
one of my favourite filigree blocks

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