July 5, 2012

april this year was a busy time, as i had an exhibition in Karachi. since life as a designer and writer involves a fair amount of work, and printmaking and poetry are my passions rather than my mainstay (i don't want my work to become commercial, although as an artist/writer selling is also important) i had to consciously take time out to finish the set of prints and artists' books that featured in the exhibition.  

here's a link to the gallery's album, which features my mono-prints and books, and Amena's work which featured birthing.

below are some images of the books. 

arizona sunset: accordion format book made up of 
collagraphs, silk thread, silver leaf and poem
arizona sunset, coloured version, medium as above
on memory: a set of mono prints
page 1, side 1 of on memory
side 2 of on memory
on memory, displayed at the art-chowk 
the gallery in april
jalebi: book in triptych form
with collagraph and poem

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