August 11, 2012

a decoupage project: revisiting the frescoes of wazir khan masjid

over the last month, i've worked on one of the most detailed decoupage projects that i've ever made: a large chest of drawers with decoupage, lino printing, metal leaf, and wood staining. here are some pictures of the completed project. in a few days i will put up an essay and a slideshow which will document the process, to give you an idea of how a project evolves. 

i don't know how the colours will come out on individual computers. the wood is stained in blue, teal and purple with a pink-red undertone. i know that in some of my own pictures i wasn't satisfied with the colour resolution. some of them were taken inside, and some outside; overall i found that some of the pictures had a dominant bluish tone while others have a predominantly yellowish tone. so there is already some colour distortion. the reality, as with much else in life, is somewhere in between!

front view. the horizontal 'frame' of the chest 
is first painted in blue shaded into teal, 
then lino printed in two stages: 
a double roll of white and peach-pink, 
and a partial overprinting in copper. 
the vertical parts of the frame are 
decoupage cuttings using photographs.

another front view
an 'aerial' view of the top. 
the centre features photos of frescoes, 
the borders are composed of photos 
made into a frieze, and the 
corners are metal leaf overprinted with lino blocks 
close up of lino printing, wood staining and 
printed highlights over the wood stain, 
after varnishing.

detail from the top of the chest

view of side panel. this picture was taken 
before varnishing, and before i painted
 the feet of the chest

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