August 25, 2012

nathia gali in august: season of mist

yesterday i posted the last five pictures in this post. the ones i'm posting now are from last year's eid trip.

gravestone from the raj
old kalabagh cemetery
gravestone from the raj 
old kalabagh cemetery
after the rain, an afternoon 
view from shangrila pines hotel
view from shangrila pines 
hotel, afternoon after rain
hydrangeas in ursula's garden: a throwback 
to my childhood
cedars along the pipeline 
walk, dunga gali
tree trunk along the pipeline walk
another throwback to the 
raj: inscriptions along 
the pipeline walk, dunga gali
throwback to the raj: inscription along the 
pipeline walk, dunga gali
a rose from the shangrila pines garden
sunset after the rain, from 
shangrila pines garden
pines in the mist
this last photo, like many sunset photos, doesn't 
do justice to the reality. but here it is 
anyway: sunset after an afternoon of heavy rain.

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