August 12, 2013

new lamp designs, 2013

lamps et al...

since the beginning of the year, i have worked on a range of lamps with USAID, which is trying to bring rural home workers doing embellishment, together with designers and potential buyers. the first exhibition of this work was at Nomad Gallery in early April. the lamps sold very well at the exhibition, which is the first in a series: the next is to be held in Lahore, and will be a large one, but the date has yet to be finalised.

in this series i have used vibrant colours and motifs from indigenous flora, fauna as well as historical motifs such as the warrior and ibex from the karakoram rock carvings. the embroideries were executed by sindhi women.

here are some pictures from the exhibition. 

and a link to information and images on the karakoram rock carvings rock carvings along the karakoram highway

setting it up and ironing out problems

top and bottom centre shades feature himalayan rock carving motifs

the picture below shows you another project, with far and wide collective, an online home ware store based in canada. far and wide ordered shades from me and paired them with the beautiful ceramic bases shown here.
the links below will take you to far and wide collective's site and to my profile page

the centre shade is a block print; finches in winter 
tree at right has hand painted branches and
 hand embroidered birds

last of all, here is one of my new lightbox designs. ange of polly and me ( who make wonderful hand embroidered bags, had a sale at her home in may. She invited me, as well as several other participants, to exhibit. i didn't manage to take photographs of the other lightboxes, and the one here is taken from my blackberry, so it isn't very good. these lamps, as you may know from looking at the design pages, are one off pieces. the images here show the back and front of the lamp. the design is on tea dyed silk, using the chikor or partridge, which incidentally is the national bird of pakistan and is much featured in truck art, often painted with hearts and roses. it's said that the chikor dances in the light of the full moon.

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