August 14, 2013

studio space

since the studio is my personal workplace - unless i'm at other workshops for the various stages of lamp making - i thought i should post some pictures of it. i couldn't, of course, leave out the cats. so the first pictures are of them:

cat mascots. from left to right
zubeida and chewbacca. zubeida likes
to be petted for a few minutes,
after which she will push you
away with her paw or give a tiny
growl. chewbacca is a young, fiesty
male but is otherwise very gentle.

looking into the studio from the
lounge. the basket hanging on the wall
is from hunza. it's used by women to
carry fruit, corn or wood...just
about anything. i use it for various
baskets of blocks. these ones are mostly antiques,
carved out of shisham (rosewood) or keekar
(acacia) and used for printing designs for
block printed cloth, such as ajrak on cotton or
on silk; the latter would often be filigree
designs. for more block printing, look up posts
labelled block printings.
looking from the lounge to the window. i like to
look out onto something green so the window is
full of plants.
my printmaking table, with my tiny
press. it pulls a maximum size of
11 x 14" but has served me well.
the table's height helps prevent
backaches! at the moment it's covered
and surrounded with lightboxes and
lamp bases.

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