August 26, 2013

podcasts from the poetry foundation

over the last six weeks, specially during ramazan, when work pressure decreased and things are generally quieter than usual, i listened to several podcasts from the poetry foundation website. here are some links. 
in june, poetry foundation published a feature on landays, couplets composed and recited by women in afghanistan. i include the link to this too. i am sure you will find it fascinating. 
poetry foundation has many more podcasts, readings as well as commentaries and discussions. browse through the lists yourself!

adam zagajewski and claire cavanagh: this is interesting because it talks about wislawa szymborska, one of my favourite poets:

i also include the link to her cavanagh's article written after szymborska's death:

poets of the muslim world, including raza ali hasan, brought up in pakistan

afghan landays:

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