August 26, 2013

night blooming cereus

we had this plant for years underneath the rubber tree in our f-7 house. then it suffered while we were in arizona. finally it came back to us in 2009, a shadow of its former self. we made two pots of the plant and they grew well over the last four years but produced no flowers. then, in june two buds appeared, but it was during those days of intense dry heat when the temperature was over 45 degrees. the flowers shrivelled before they could bloom.

and now these. it's august 26th and i have been photographing the buds since yesterday. they was still unopen this afternoon at 5, but i was sure they would bloom tonight. and just after 10 pm i began taking photographs. i put on the two porch lights, and added on with a flashlight, as i don't like using the camera flash. 

the flowers are faintly fragrant now, but i expect they will be fully fragrant by midnight. or maybe that's just my imagination.

august 25th

august 26th, 5 pm

august 26th, 5 pm: buds

this, and the following, were all taken at
ten o'clock onwards

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